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Tools We Use

we are digital to the core, so the fact that we make use of the best software tools available to help us in everything we do should come as no surprise. Here is a look at those we use on an ongoing, daily basis that we can throughly recommend.

Technical SEO Tools

Our proficiency in SEO is enhanced by leveraging a variety of exceptional SEO tools for valuable data and insights. Nevertheless, the true distinction lies in our application of these tools. It's our strategic use of SEO tools, not the tools themselves, that differentiates our approach and results.


At the core of our SEO initiatives, both for clients and our internal web properties, lies SEM Rush. This platform stands out as one of the most all-encompassing SEO toolkits available, delivering extensive insights through its unified interface. It plays a crucial role in managing our client’s SEO strategies and is among our most frequently utilized tools. SEM Rush provides essential, actionable information for virtually every aspect of an SEO campaign, including being an exceptional resource for keyword research.

However, SEM Rush’s value extends beyond its functionality as an SEO tool. It’s supported by an active community, offering rich content through its blogs and webinars that delve into various SEO topics. SEM Rush webinars and roundtable discussions contribute to the vibrant exchange of SEO knowledge and trends.


AHREFS stands as our go-to resource for monitoring all aspects related to links. In the over fifteen years that SEO has been pivotal in enhancing a website’s search visibility, backlinks have consistently been a key factor in positive ranking. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of backlinks is crucial.

Our preference for AHREFS stems not just from the vast amount of valuable data it offers but also from its user-friendly dashboard interface. This interface simplifies both the interpretation and the communication of complex data, making it a highly effective tool in our SEO arsenal.

SE Ranking

An effective SEO strategy is always dynamic and ongoing. It’s essential to continuously monitor a site’s ranking for specific keywords or keyphrases. For this purpose, we utilise SE Ranking, which provides us with a comprehensive, round-the-clock view of these metrics and more.

Access to this real-time information enables us to swiftly identify any aspects that aren’t performing as expected. This immediacy allows us to promptly make necessary adjustments, ensuring that our clients’ SEO campaigns achieve the highest level of success possible.

Keywords Everywhere

For any SEO strategy to succeed, selecting appropriate keywords is crucial. Keywords Everywhere, a convenient browser extension available for both Chrome and Firefox, significantly reduces our research time.

This extension accompanies your online browsing, providing immediate insights into the keywords utilized on various web pages. It proves to be an invaluable asset for e-commerce SEO and in identifying ‘quick win’ keywords that can effectively jumpstart a new SEO campaign.


Keyword.com is a key tool in our arsenal due to its ability to provide clear, easy-to-understand ranking data, making it ideal for generating straightforward reports. We utilise it as an additional data source and as a means to clearly communicate keyword ranking positions to clients who are new to the realm of SEO. The simplicity and clarity of the reports produced by its interface are particularly helpful in demystifying SEO concepts for beginners.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an indispensable tool for any SEO agency, offering a wealth of insights directly from the search engine giant itself. It serves as a critical component for monitoring and understanding a website’s performance in Google search results. The console provides detailed data on search traffic, identifying which keywords and queries bring users to a site, and showing how often a website appears in Google search results.

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