Let us take care of your website...

A healthy website is a happy website. Our WordPress Care Plans give you the peace of mind that your website investment is fully up-to-date, optimised and protected against malicious attacks.

We work behind the scenes to keep your site secure and functioning at its best 24/7.
We care about websites, whether it’s a brand-new brochure site or a sprawling web-app; it’s our business to care about how your website performs. That’s why we’ve created a WordPress Website Care Plan: to guarantee that your site will get the security fixes and technical updates they need to run their best.
A good website is always changing, and a good business person is always busy.

Unfortunately, those two facts can often be at odds. Our WordPress Care Plans include content support, meaning that you get time each month to get content updated, new functionality added, and new problems solved. It’s like having a dedicated web team of your own!

Our WordPress Care Plan Includes...
Fast UK Based Hosting

Specialised, UK managed hosting optimised for WordPress. We guarantee your site will run quicker with us than on your current hosting.

Security & Malware Scans

More than 50,000 websites get hacked each day and 43% of cybercrimes are against small businesses. 90% of all websites that are hacked are WordPress even though it only has 35% of the market share. We protect against this.

Daily Backups

We keep 30 days of full-site backups stored offsite, ready for any emergency. We can restore your site with one click!

Google Analytics & Tracking

Whatever is worth doing is worth measuring. Web analytics measure your site’s performance to provide actionable insights into customer behavior so you can optimize the user experience and increase conversions. We set this up for you.

Quick and easy updates

Need something new put on your site? It’s as easy as an email and we will handle the rest. Keeping your website up to date is easy with us.  

Software License Fees

WordPress is constantly evolving with new technology and trends. Our care plans keep your website software and plugins up to date with the latest versions and ensure they’re all operating as they should.