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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is adjusting a website’s code, it’s content and it’s structure to make it easier to find on a search engine results page for specific keywords, variations & combinations of keywords. The final objective in any marketing you do is to generate a healthy return on your investment, and search engine optimisation is very capable of generating attractive returns by bringing potential customers to your website through search engines!

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Get your business the attention it deserves by taking over the rankings in Google. We direct organic traffic straight to you! From people searching for your business, services or products right now.
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We send month to month reports with rankings upgrades and any news, to alert our customers of any improvements in their business ranking and encouraging suggestions to secure their place on the web.
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Watch as your business grows from a flood of inquiries or customers who want to use your services or buy your products.

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Most businesses in 2017 have an online presence. To be successful, there needs to be consistent traffic to your site. Not just any traffic, a well-targeted audience that is ready to purchase what you’re selling. This can only be accomplished if your website is properly optimised using search engine optimisation.

SEO helps target your specific audience and funnels them to your site. If your site is not fully optimised, your site will be lost in the search engine crowd and it will be very difficult to receive the traffic you desire. It’s important to choose an SEO agency that has a proven track record of delivering results for its clients. That is why your business needs the help of Manchester SEO. Here is what sets us apart from everyone else:

Better Ranking
When you select a Manchester SEO Expert to help with your search engine optimization needs, you will instantly see better search rankings. Higher search engine rankings are important because you want to maximise exposure. The goal is for your website to be listed toward the top of the first page of a search. The higher your website, the higher your exposure to the audience you’re seeking. We will have your site ranked for industry-specific keywords on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! When your website increases its rankings in search engines, it will finally start maximising its exposure to people interested in your business. This is important for any website.

When your site is fully optimised, traffic will increase significantly. Our SEO experts have the experience of using the proper methods to increase traffic. This goes hand-in-hand with better rankings. We increase your rankings for specific keywords and you have unlimited traffic coming to your site. Unlike other SEO agencies, we care about the specific traffic that goes to your site. A lot of traffic is great but it doesn’t matter if they aren’t interested in your product. Our experts take the time to target customers that are interested in your business. That’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

Better Conversion Rate
Our experienced SEO experts take the time to do the legwork necessary to improve your site’s conversion rate. There are three time-consuming and detail-oriented steps we use to increase the conversion rate. The process begins by improving the content of your website. Quality content has become the cornerstone of improved conversion rates. We then target and optimise product-focused keywords. These keywords are what helps entice customers to your site. Finally, we optimise site navigation. We have found that poor navigation leads to less time on the site. We want the opposite, we want people browsing your site for longer periods of time. This increases the conversion rate. Our triple-aim approach significantly leads to a better conversion rate.

More Income
Manchester SEO Company can provide you with an increased income. Yes, you read that correctly. With an increased and focused audience flowing to your website, the conversion rate increases substantially. This means more money in your pocket. This happens because you now have an audience that is ready to buy. It is exactly the type of audience you want going to your site. Without SEO, you have a few potential customers ready to browse. Experienced SEO experts will put you in a position to win over customers. If you want to win over customers, contact us today!